Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Beacon Lecture Thurs 27th Oct

The new series of lectures, the Beacon lectures are free and open to all, and take place on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm in Physics Lecture Theatre C in the Physics building at the North Haugh. The lectures highlight post-doctoral researchers from various departments showcasing the cutting edge research being undertaken at the University. [Complete lecture series list]

27th October 2011
Unravelling seawater temperatures from fossil skeletons: a tale of corals, crystals and cells
Dr Nicky Allison, School of Geography and Geoscience
Knowledge of past global temperatures is critical for understanding how and why past climates varied and for predicting 21st century climate change. However temperature measurements are restricted to the last ~150 years or less. Climate proxies are natural sources of climate information which extend beyond this period. The chemistry of the carbonate skeletons of marine organisms is affected by local environmental conditions and the analysis of fossil specimens can provide estimates of past seawater temperatures. However skeletal chemistry is also affected by biological and chemical processes and the extent of these influences needs to be resolved if the climate information recorded in fossil skeletons is to be accurately interpreted.

Next week's lecture: 
3rd November 2011
Neapolitan cinema, old and new: an overview of regional cinema from Naples, Italy
Dr Alexander Marlow-Mann, School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies