Monday, 26 March 2012

Best of Scottish Science from St Andrews

University of St Andrews will be exhibiting three of the exciting seven exhibits presented at the Best of Scottish Science at Dynamic Earth 1-4 April 2012 as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Try out the interactive exhibits and question the scientists themselves about your discoveries.

Culture Evolves
Does culture really separate humans from the rest of nature? No! Discover the roots of culture in apes, meerkats and other animals, and how human cultures themselves evolve. Try your hand at learning a chimp tradition, contributing to the evolution of 'spaghetti towers' or shaping a new language! [more...]

Arctica Islandica: The Longest Lived Animal on Earth
Living to over 400 years old, the marine clam Arctica islandica is helping scientists investigate climate change and ageing processes. Like tree rings, the annual layers forming the clam's shell can be used to measure its age as well as acting as a natural archive of changes in its environment. [more...]

Invisibility Science: Geometry & Light
Invisibility has been a subject of fiction for millennia, from the myths of the ancient Greeks and Germans to modern novels and films. Now fascinating new developments in optics have resulted in a new science of invisibility - although it will still be a long time before you can get a real invisibility cloak from your nearest shop. Meet some of the scientists doing the research and see things disappear right in front of your eyes. [more...]

Meet the minds behind seven of Scotland’s most exciting scientific advances, selected for the Royal Society’s prestigious annual summer science exhibitions in London.