Thursday, 24 May 2012

New 'Centre for Geoinformatics' established

Prof Stewart Fotheringham,
Director, CGI

The University is pleased to announce the formation of a new Centre for Geoinfomatics (CGI). The Centre will act as a focus for research into geoinformatics across both the School of Geography and Geosciences and across the University.  Geoinformatics or Geographic Information Science (GIScience) involves the collection, processing, analysis and display of large spatial data sets. This includes any kind of spatial data, i.e. data with specific geographic location, or, if time is considered as well, spatio-temporal data. Researchers at CGI have teamed up with researchers in SACHI (St Andrews’ Computer Human Interaction Research Group), to generate some exciting visualisations using FatFonts, a topographic visualisation technique developed by SACHI.

EPSRC Workshop, 27 June 2012
Geoinformatics: extending ICT research across academic disciplines