Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"Open Data and the Future of Science", a lecture by Prof. Geoffrey Bolton

Professor Geoffrey Boulton OBE, FRS, FRSE, General Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Regius Professor Emeritus and former Vice Principal of the University of Edinburgh, will be giving a public lecture entitled:

"Open Data and the Future of Science"
in the Medical and Biological Sciences Building Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 26th February at 5:15 pm.

Professor Boulton is a member of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology. His research is in the field of climatic and environmental change and energy. He leads the Global Change Research Group in the University of Edinburgh in the University’s School of Geosciences. He has received international and national prizes for his research, including the Lyell Medal of the Geological Society, the Kirk Bryan Medal of the Geological Society of America, the Seligman Crystal of the International Glaciolo
gical Society and the Science Medal of the Institute of Contemporary Scotland.
Prof. Boulton had been chair of the Royal Society project "Science as an Open Enterprise" which was a major study on the use of scientific information as it affects scientists and society.
All are welcome