Monday, 27 February 2017

EPSRC IAA Showcase & Exhibition 2017

Discover the benefits of the vast array of St Andrews’ state-of-the-art scientific research at this FREE event

Register for this FREE event by 1 March 2017!

Visit the EPSRC IAA Showcase & Exhibition website for more details (

The University of St Andrews presents a day of:

  • researcher & industry partner presentations
  • exhibits & demonstrations
  • poster sessions
  • networking & more

to demonstrate the range of our impact-generating research in the physical sciences which have benefited from EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account and Global Challenges Research Funds.

This is a chance to learn how research at St Andrews is changing the future in fields as diverse as:

We are committed to stimulating long-term strategic industrial engagement, to increase collaboration and to widen public outreach.