Monday, 8 October 2012

Silver screen exhibition at Old Course

Bing Crosby (1950)
The Department of Film Studies has collaborated with Dunhill on an exhibition at the Old Course Hotel, which features images of film stars in St Andrews. The exhibition, entitled 'From Silver Screen to the 18th Hole', reveals the establishment of St Andrews as a 'star site', as film stars engage with and contribute to the culture, heritage and economy of the town. Film Stars including Bing Crosby, Will Fyffe, Bob Hope, Sean Connery and Rita Hayworth are featured. The exhibition is part of the Department of Film Studies' 'Cinema St Andrews' project, which examines the history of cinema in St Andrews. The project has uncovered evidence of the first appearance of moving images in town at the Grand Fancy Bazaar of August 1895. This University event was intended to raise money for the Students’ Union and included, as The Citizen termed it, ‘Edison’s three latest marvels – the Phonograph, Kinetoscope and Kinetophone.’